Australian pie brand Four’N Twenty is to hit shelves of Rutter’s convenience stores in Philadelphia, USA, following on from a successful partnership with the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team and player Ben Simmons.

The Four’N Twenty Traveller, a pie filled with rich gravy and Australian beef, has become a common feature at 76ers games of late.

“Patties Foods is thrilled to partner with an industry leader in Rutter’s and continue to bring the great Australian taste to Pennsylvanians,” said Anthony Kwenin, Patties Foods sales manager for North America.

Robert Perkins, Rutter’s VP of Marketing said customers are always looking for “great food and short wait time, because they’re always on the go”.

“The Four’N Twenty Traveller is a perfect fit for our stores, as we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality and speed of service,” he said.